The group through its journey till now had many ups and downs, some extremely good times, some very tough times also. We experienced various turning points and had great milestones. Those are mentioned below.

• First turning point in the group was the moving out of Rental Land and Purchasing the First Land. It was the same land where we started our first cloth shop on rental basis.

• From, then we started acquiring agricultural lands and we ended up having 113 acres land in 2000.

• We had sustained the failure of our plastic factory and the second Retail Garment Outlet post which we entered into partnership with Pune based group namely Dwarkadas Shamkumar.

• With a successful shop in Baramati, we both partners expanded our base to other cities in Western and Central Maharashtra.

• In 2013 we join TATA Commercial Vehicle Spare Parts for entire Maharashtra

• After getting a good jump in Textile Business, we entered into Dealerships in 2007 for Bajaj for the first time and with the successful venture of ours, we landed up having dealerships of around 5 other companies by 2011.